About the artist: Nathalie Trytell

Nathalie Trytell

| artist, painter, printmaker, poet |

1979 - 2011

Nathalie Trytell created DBUN Designs with the desire to see her passions take life. At a young age Nathalie was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF) Type 2, eventually losing her hearing, motor skills and balance. By her late 20s, severely physically disabled, Nathalie could no longer paint. But her spirit was stronger than any obstacles she faced and Nathalie went on to receive her degree in art from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, where she specialized in printmaking. Nathalie evolved into a talented artist ... and flourished.

Despite everything she endured, Nathalie lived her life to the fullest with a capturing presence and was vibrant, creative and inspiring. Her incredible talents as an artist are a treasure and a legacy that remain as a beautiful memory.

Please browse her beautiful, whimsical art prints, art cards & accessories, and share her story, and keep her dreams alive.

Nicole & Matthew Trytell
DBUN Designs